Filming your life

We understand that you or your family have a special story to tell. The team at Ad Astra Films has a wealth of experience in capturing such accounts and bringing them to life.


Ad Astra Films brings stories to life through filmed accounts or interviews before an audience.

It may be your story, a family member’s, or your organisation’s. Ad Astra can create the perfect tone, atmosphere and narrative that will suit the subject and leave a lasting legacy.

Specially commissioned films can be made for marketing or archival record, a gift for a friend or family member, or for personal or historic purposes.

Interviews before an invited audience can also be conducted for social organisations or businesses that will allow the subject to discuss their life or history.



Founder Genevieve Muinzer has a long history in journalism, and has interviewed an extensive range of people throughout her career from many walks of life. In Ad Astra Films she seeks to make the conversation with the interviewee fun and relaxed as well as professional and personal. She brings out the depth of the story’s narrative, which is then captured in its fullest on film.


Genevieve Muinzer has served as Editor-In-Chief at The Prince of Wales’s Foundation For The Built Environment and has published feature articles for Historic Royal Palaces. She has written and broadcast for a number of leading organisations including BBC Radio 4, Country Life, the Guardian, the International Herald Tribune and the Wall Street Journal. She is the author of New To The UK and a contributor to The Newest London Spy. Additionally Genevieve has conducted interviews in front of live audiences with Princeton President Chris Eisgruber and, more recently, with four internationally selected women Supreme Court Judges as part of The First Hundred Years legal series.

Genevieve Muinzer sits on the Board of Trustees of the following organisations

Historic Royal Palaces Inc
Inspiring Girls
The Princeton University Charitable Foundation

She is also on the Advisory Boards of

The Oxford University Law Development Council
Civic Story New Jersey



Ad Astra is a culmination of compelling story telling and sympathetic cinematography. The team are responsive to your input and ideas and work with you closely on the finished product.